Is there a better time than the New Year to take a retrospective look at our lives and see if there is any room for changes and improvements? When considering what these change should be, people mostly stick to the usual issues of eating healthier, exercising more, quitting smoking, spending less on clothes, etc. But we tend to neglect our skin care. This year, make it up to your skin for all those years of negligence by making these 5 skin beauty resolutions for the new year.

Amy’s 5 Beauty Resolutions

1. Cleanse Every Day


The first rule of skin care is simple yet of utmost importance. Cleansing your face every day is a necessity, not an option, if you wish to avoid breakouts and rapid aging. If you leave the germs on your skin during the night, they will clog the pores and the acne will appear immediately. Breakouts are not problematic only because of the ugly acne, but because acne can sometimes leave scars. It is an irreparable damage to your skin. The skin has the ability to repair itself, and it does this precisely while you sleep. If you wear your makeup to bed, there will be no repairing and the signs of aging will soon become noticeable. So, no more excuses. No matter how late you came home, or how sleepy you are, you must never ever skip to cleanse your skin.

2. Wear SPF Every Day


SPF is not an accessory exclusively reserved for the beach. The damaging ultraviolet rays affect your skin every time you leave your house, even on an overcast or snowy day. The hours spent in the sun reflect on your skin through wrinkles and spots, and other signs of aging. Some studies indicate that about 90 percent of premature aging is caused by sun exposure, and only about 10 percent by genes and other factors. But the risks of overexposure to sun are not only aesthetic. SPF also protects us from sunburns and skin cancer. Sunscreen will prolong your youth and preserve your health. Do not ignore that.

3. Broaden Your Scent Horizons


Are you somewhat fed up with your signature fragrance? It is only natural and expected. Just like you get tired of your favourite dress if you wear it often. Plus, after constantly wearing the same perfume for a longer period of time, your nose will become insensitive to it. Start the New Year with a new fragrance. Try something exotic like Hermes’s seductive Eau de Merveilles which features orange, wood and amber scent, or a sexy manly scent intended for women and packed in the bottle of Halle Berry’s Closer.

4. Try a Skin Brush

Body Care

Dry brushing for skin is gaining in popularity, and if you look at its benefits, it is not a wonder why. Skin brushes make the skin softer and they are gentler than some scrubs and peels as a matter of fact. They also stimulate the lymph flow and improve detoxification. Brushes serve as exfoliators and cellulite eliminators. Buy yourself an early New Year gift and go to a dry brushing treatment in a spa centre.

5. Switch to Organic Cosmetics


Start switching to organic cosmetics gradually from January 1st. Get rid of your old conventional synthetic skin care products one by one and replace them with natural and healthy organic products. If you are not sure which brand to buy, 100% pure is an excellent brand with a vast choice of organic makeup and face moisturisers.

What beauty resolutions have you made so far?

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