Confidence isn’t something that happens just because we’d like it to. While we all have our problems with ourselves from time to time, the stories you tell yourself will definitely have a huge impact on how you feel, at the end of the day – and it tends to spiral downwards rather fast.

If you’d like to enjoy a bit more confidence, you’ve come to the right place. It can help you out on a daily basis, after all, and make it a bit easier to get through challenging situations. Here is a handful of tips to help you become a more confident you and feel so much better about yourself.

3 Tips For a More Confident You

#1 Changing your stories

Our past will definitely influence our future when we allow it to. Every little insecure comment you ever made and the social mistakes you made, which never really mattered, have a nasty tendency to repeat themselves in our heads – and we end up listening to them, thinking about them, worrying about them.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be like this and you can easily change the stories you’re telling yourself in your head. Simply telling yourself that you’re a strong, independent person won’t really help, though, and you should try to prove it to yourself instead. Do something daring each day, talk to strangers, and work your way up to acting like the confident person you’d like to be.

#2 Fix yourself

Sometimes, however, we do have a complex about something we’d rather have fixed than trying to ignore. It could be skin problems, teeth issues, or your weight that is bothering you – and unless you do something about it, you’re not going to feel that much better about yourself.

Visit instasmile to fix your teeth once and for all, get your gym routine back under control, and start to take better care of your health. While all body shapes and smiles are beautiful, they’re really only beautiful when they’re healthy – and telling yourself anything else won’t help much at all.

#3 Find a hobby you enjoy

Finally, confidence tends to come from being able to master something. It could be a sport, for example, your career, or anything else that proves to you that you’re actually able to do anything as long as you put your mind to it.

If you’ve been thinking about starting out with a new hobby but never gotten to it, now is definitely the right time. Sports would be a great confidence-booster, by the way, but anything you enjoy will help. You’ll meet some new people too, after all, and fill your days with something new and exciting.

That’s the kind of stuff that does not only build confidence and self-esteem but also happiness, in the long run.

What do you do to get more confident?

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