Easy Ways to Improve Your Wedding’s Atmosphere

Unless you’re an expert event planner, organising a wedding can be a challenge. You can get all the right food and ask all the right people, but how exactly do you plan the atmosphere? It sounds like an impossible task, but a few clever tricks can help build the perfect blend of fun and relaxation … Continue Reading

Tips that Will Help You to Choose the Ultimate Wedding Entertainment

I know how stressful planning the big day can be. I have been there and the stress of it can get unbearable, however, if you already know what exactly you want then things might get a little easier. Just create an ultimate wedding entertainment list and start ticking off the list.

Wedding Dress – Everything You Need to Know

Picking a wedding dress is not easy, there are so many decisions to make like.. there are different models from A line to ball gown, different colours white to ivory and so many other tiny details and most importantly budget. So, deciding on a wedding dress should be one of the first things to do … Continue Reading

5 Steps to Your Perfect Wedding Decorations

Planning a wedding is hard work! Yes it is, however, you don’t actually see how hard it is before you actually start planning one then you will see that it is way harder than what it seems, especially finding the perfect dress and getting the wedding decorations how you imagine it. A wedding is not … Continue Reading